How Can You Give a Standing Spray Depth

How Can You Give a Standing Spray Depth

So, how can you give a standing spray depth? 

You can make standing sprays using any type of flower. However, there are some flowers that I would consider more traditional.

Standing sprays are usually bright-colored flowers, like carnations, roses, lilies, orchids, or chrysanthemums. But, some people use flowers that have more neutral colors, which is also fitting for the atmosphere.

You can make standing sprays using any form of flowers or foliage widely available on the market, the diversity is limitless. That way, creating beautiful floral arrangements may be ideal for any occasion.

Now, before talking about how you can give a standing spray depth, let us discuss the standing spray death itself.


How to Differ Standing Spray Depth

When words are hard to express your sympathy, flowers might be a beautiful way to deliver your message. Death, as we know, is inevitable. It could happen anytime, to anybody. But dealing with loss and grief is hard to understand, especially if a friend or family member just lost somebody they cared about the most. 

The family can feel less alone by being there and expressing their sorrow. Dealing with a loss would be easier if they had someone beside them.

One way to express this is by giving a standing spray. 

Is Using Funeral Spray A Must?

During a funeral or an event, the memorial, standing sprays are common use. The standing, colorful and nice-looking flowers could make the atmosphere much better. Usually, they are offered in two different types: standing spray and coffin spray. The casket funeral spray is put on the casket.

The coming mourners usually present a standing spray and place it on an easel. Although it’s common to use, it’s not the only option. There are different types of arrangements that might be suitable for each possible occasion. They usually differed in colors, which can be easily noticeable. 

But again, it’s your choice. You can pick the traditional flower arrangement or the kind of other floral arrangements that may be suitable for different occasions. 

Now, are you planning to prepare a standing spray? How can you give a standing spray depth?

Types of Flowers to Use For a Standing Spray Depth

If you’re planning to arrange the flowers yourself, here are some flowers commonly used to prepare a standing spray. You can make the funeral spray more meaningful and memorable by selecting specific flowers that have a sentimental and special value to you or the family. You can use any type of flower, but let us start with the first three:

1. Carnation

Carnations are a very popular flower. Many people prefer them to make a standing spray. Florists choose them simply due to their character: a long-lasting lovely scent. It can make the entire room smell pleasant. It has pink colors, which often seem to be a meaningful color to resemble a reminiscence of beautiful memories. You can also choose yellow colors representing a sense of fun and friendship.

2. Chrysanthemums

The Chrysanthemums often simplified as ‘Mums,’ are also popular choices for standing sprays. The white color of mums captivated the feeling of honor, love, and purity. Mums also give off a sad atmosphere suitable for a funeral.

However, the white color also means bravery and optimism in America. So, giving someone Chrysanthemum flowers is also an excellent way to congratulate them.

3. Gladiolus

Due to its height, People often see this flower as a symbol of strength and morality. The tall flower is a lovely bloom to reminisce the memory of someone who lived their life to the fullest. 

Gladioli also blooms in different colors. Choosing one appropriate color that has been a favorite of the deceased can be a clever and sweet way to remember them in such a beautiful way. 

How Can You Give a Standing Spray Depth

So, how can you give a standing spray depth? Here’s what you can do:

How Can You Give a Standing Spray Depth

Select the Correct Flowers

As mentioned before, standing sprays usually use many kinds of flowers. The choices here are limitless. Red carnations, daffodils, and red roses all can be arranged into a beautiful standing spray. 

It’s always possible to design a new variety of selections that may bring up the sense of aesthetics and style while also being respectful to the deceased’s family. 

Dealing with loss and sadness is undoubtedly not an easy thing to do. Families can’t sometimes cope with it, which might end terribly for their mental health. So, if you’re a family or a friend of the deceased, expressing condolences to the grieving family may be helpful at this time. Let the flowers speak for themselves when words are not enough to express your sympathy.

You should consider all of your options. Going for the traditional standing sprays is good. It’s proper, meaningful, but also simple.

The other option is to have customized flower arrangements that would fit the occasion much better. For example, you can select the flowers that had been a favorite of the deceased. You can also pick the flowers that fit the dead’s character when they were alive.

Selecting The Right Arrangement

When arranging flowers for standing spray, be constantly focused on the details. Your love can be expressed through the design, the gift of flowers, or both. But of course, pick the flowers that are fitting with the situation. Don’t bring bright-colored flower decorations during the funeral; don’t give a funeral spray to private property. 

If you’re going to a funeral, it’s best to limit the use of vibrant-colored flowers unless it’s the deceased’s favorite or highly related. You can still send smaller flowers to the dead’s family home, but it’s best to send the bigger ones straight to the funeral homes.

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