How to Give A Guy Butterflies

How to Give A Guy Butterflies

So, how to give a guy butterflies? Are there certain things you can do to make your crush fall in love with you too?

Here are some of the best tips on how to give a guy butterflies:


Show Him That You Respect and Admire Him

So, what’s the first on how to give a guy butterflies? The key is to show respect. Genuine respect. A man wants a woman who values ​​his ability to protect and solve problems. For example, he wants to be admired for how he can remain calm even under pressure.

In short, guys always want a woman who sees them as the heroes they had always hoped for. If you do, you might be surprised at how much easier it becomes for him to get carried away when he’s with you.

Don’t Try to Change Him.

This is important when you want to attract a guy’s attention. Don’t try to change him.

If you want to try changing the way he dresses, his circle of friends, the way he talks, or what he likes, then don’t do it! Find someone you can respect and value for who they are.

Show Him Gratitude

When a guy is willing to risk his life to protect you and invest his time, talent, or money to meet your needs, at least say thank you in return.

Men like women who can appreciate their hard work even though they may not be able to give them everything they want. So, one way to give a guy butterflies is don’t just sit back and take it for granted when he does something for you. If he brings you a bouquet of flowers, show him how much it means to you.

Research reveals that open body language makes you more attractive and desirable to others. This means you try to lean on him, refrain from crossing your arms in front of you, and make sure you face him when you talk. These nonverbal cues are scientifically proven to increase someone’s attraction to you!

How to Give A Guy Butterflies

Make Yourself Close to Him

This can be the key to a warm relationship and makes you feel emotionally closer. It doesn’t mean you have to be a weak woman who can’t do anything on her own. Just let him know that there are times when you need him.

There is one other thing that is important when it comes to how to give a guy butterflies. His competitive nature will not let the woman of his choice be close to another man when he has fallen for your charms.

Be loyal

The critical core of a healthy relationship is commitment and loyalty. Create a healthy, non-abusive relationship by respecting others’ decisions, showing good care for him, and prioritizing him if you have a moment.

It’s even easier when you and he are always open to each other. Thus, there’s nothing to be kept a secret. You can easily talk about anything with him without worrying about something getting leaked. 


Hopefully, in this article, you have learned a few tips on how to give a guy butterflies. Just remember, not all guys are the same, and it may take a little trial and error before you figure out how to give your guy butterflies.

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