Florida Man September 29: The Bible Thumper

Florida Man September 29

These 3 Florida Man September 29 stories really show us what a deranged man Florida man can be. From attacking a deputy with a Bible in the not-so-holiest attack to fatally killing a dog in a neighborhood using a sniper rifle. See the full stories below:


Florida Man September 29, 2020 – Shirtless Florida Man ‘Condemns’ A Deputy By Hitting Him With a Bible

Ocala, Florida. – Well, what a headline.

The story began in Ocala, Florida, wherepolice arrested Robert Hoskins (39) for breaking into somebody’s house for burglary.

He wanted to steal some clothes there. A witness noticed something wrong and called the authorities immediately.

When the officers arrived they saw quite the scene. The man was wearing only his underwear.

Was he going to run away? No. He did the contrary. Instead of escaping the scene, he ran towards the officers with a Bible in his hand with the intent to attack.

The police fired several taser shots and struggled with the man before being able to subdue the madman. But Rober still had a plan in his mind. In a final attempt to escape from his captors, he pooped himself. 

In the end, the man admitted to his wrongdoings, like attacking the officer with a Bible. police charged him with 5 different crimes, including battery and resisting an arrest.

Not long after,the jail released him on a $13,000 bond.

Florida Man September 29

Florida Man September 29, 2020 – Assault with A deadly Pizza

Charolete County, Florida. – After a fierce argument about pizza, a Florida man decided to assault his partner with the hot pie.

The Florida man in question is Sean Metcalf, who, at that time, was eating a slice of pizza. His girlfriend said she wanted to throw away the pizza box, even though he was still eating. What she said angered him.

He stood up and attacked the poor woman with a slice of pizza he was eating. Although the woman didn’t suffer too much from it, she felt so shocked and decided to call the police. 

After the officers arrived at the scene, they immediately noticed the pizza grease in her hair and arrested the man.

Although it was apparent, the man told the police that he didn’t know how the pizza could be in her hair.

Florida Man September 29, 2018 – A Florida Man Arrested for Animal Cruelty Charge After Killing a Dog

Devi, Florida – Police charged A Florida man with animal cruelty after he brutally killing a dog.

On September 29, 2018, according to the police statement, Johansen Concepcion de la Ros fired a shot through a large rifle with a scope at an animal. He did it from his balcony. 

Like an actual military action, he bent down, took aim, and fired a shot. The bullet fatally killed a dog. The owner at that time didn’t know what was going on with the dog. One thing they noticed was blood flowing from the dog’s mouth.

The eight-month-old puppy, Princess, was a dog owned by an eight years old girl. The family had just moved into the area from another state that day.

The man was arrested for animal cruelty during the investigation, and the rifle was taken. 

Final Thoughts

And those are the stories of Florida man September 29. These stories show us Florida man’s mastery of using just about anything as a weapon. He gives a whole new meaning to Biblee thumper.

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