Top Tips to Make Money with Google Adsense Buzor

Top Tips to Make Money with Google Adsense Buzor

One of the best ways to monetize your site and earn money online is using the Google AdSense BUZOR method. 

You can apply for Google AdSense, a Pay per Click ad network program launched by Google, if you have developed your blog and are now receiving up to 50% of your traffic from search engines. Ads will start appearing as soon as your site is approved. You make money when site visitors click the adverts. 

In contrast to other monetization schemes, Google AdSense bases its earnings on the quality of the traffic sources than on the number of visitors to your blog.

However, applying for AdSense and getting approved can be a tough job. 

On the bright side, using the Google Adsense Buzor rules will help you get approved and start earning some good money

In this article, let’s explore the Buzor rules and why to use Google Adsense. 


What Is Google AdSense Buzor? 

Google Adsense BUZOR rules refer to, 

B – Believe 

U – Understand 

Z – Z-format (Diversify) 

O – Original 

R – Repeat

Let’s take a look at each rule separately. 


To start, you must pick a niche in which you are knowledgeable and have experience. Fashion, sports, news, entertainment, and so on are all examples. 

Once you identify the subject matter in which you excel, you can start blogging. With the aid of SEO, you must believe in what you do and concentrate more on the subject. Millions of website owners and bloggers quit blogging because they lack self-confidence. 

Google Adsense Buzor


You must comprehend and abide by Google AdSense policy. It can take many hours, weeks, and months to read, comprehend, and experience every aspect of the AdSense publisher policy. Even though breaking Google AdSense’s publisher policy occasionally may not be your fault, it is your responsibility to uphold the standards.


Z-format signifies diversity. In some niches, a lot of people do run out of material. The only thing you have to do is diversify. On your blog, add new categories. This will assist you in finding additional keywords and improving your Google search engine ranking. Make sure that people can access and browse these sites with ease.

Then, conduct research and compose long-tail keywords for good search engine ranking.


You must create original content for your site if you want it to become one of the best. It makes no difference if the subject has already been discussed. If you can write independently and bring more insight to a subject, you can blog about it. 

Your blog needs to be designed to stand out from the competition. The content must be exciting and original. Your blog’s quality and originality will increase its users’ faith in it and its relevance.


Once you’ve implemented all applicable techniques on your blog, keep up the excellent work by repeating the steps. There’s no need to give up.

To support and uphold a fruitful relationship between you, your blog, and Google AdSense policies, you should reiterate the Google AdSense BUZOR rules.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Google Adsense 

Google AdSense includes many benefits, such as:

  • Joining Is Cost-Free
  • Because the prerequisites are straightforward, you can monetize your website or blog even if it is brand-new. 
  • There are numerous ad choices.
  • If you reach the $100 level, Google pays you monthly via direct transfer.
  • From a single AdSense account, you may manage ads across multiple websites.
  • Mobile devices and RSS feeds can display the ads.
  • You can easily link it to your Blogger and YouTube accounts, though you’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of video view time to use AdSense on your YouTube videos.

However, Google AdSense BUZOR does have a few disadvantages as well, 

  • If you violate the terms of service, Google has the power to delete your account instantly.
  • Like any internet income stream, you need the traffic to be profitable.
  • While clicking on an AdSense ad earns you some money, the visitor also leaves your website, preventing you from earning money from your goods and services or higher-paying affiliate programs. 
  • It may or may not pay more than other comparable ad packages.

Tips To Increase Your Ad Earnings

  • Produce Original, Worthwhile Content

To begin with, Google AdSense might initially accept your site before reviewing it for quality control. Put another way; you cannot load your website with low-quality material to index and monetize 100 pages.

Instead, find something you are enthusiastic about, and seek out others who share your enthusiasm. 

Next, collaborate with them to produce material that other readers who share their love for the subject would enjoy reading.

  • Give Your Visitors Multiple Channels Back To Your Site

Multiple routes for people to connect with you and follow you should be included in your header, sidebar, content’s end, and footer.

Options like social networks and email opt-ins should be offered. By doing this, you may remind the visitor about your website each time you create or promote a piece of content, hoping they will return and possibly click on more of your AdSense advertisements.

  • Ensure That Your Blog Gets Enough Traffic

Even while the amount of daily blog traffic is not given much weight in AdSense’s policy. Increasing that traffic can increase your earnings. If you want to make more money from your blog, aim for more than 1,000 pageviews every day.

  • Target Traffics From US And UK

Your CPC rises thanks to traffic from the US and the UK. Therefore, users from these places will click on you more often the more traffic you receive from them.

Last Tips

Run targeted paid traffic campaigns on Facebook ads or Instagram ads to increase your traffic from these areas. But keep in mind to delete all Google AdSense codes from your website till the paid campaign is over.

Running paid traffic campaigns when Google advertisements are showing on your website is against Google AdSense policy. They believe that your primary goal is to maximize clicks and profits. Therefore, until the paid traffic campaign is over, remove the code to avoid any bans or suspensions.

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