Embrace the Outdoors – Activities to Reconnect With Nature

Embrace the Outdoors - Activities to Reconnect With Nature

Reconnecting with nature can have many benefits, including lowering stress, blood pressure, and mood. It can also be a great way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

Getting ready for any outdoor adventure you plan to take with your family is crucial. It involves ensuring you have the necessary equipment, a well-planned route, and a clear understanding of what to bring along. You can also consider watching adventure stories, such as Rock Bordelon, On the Road which are available for online streaming.



Hiking is a full-body experience that activates your senses and helps you unplug from the tumults of daily life. For some, hiking connects them more intimately to the environment and inspires greater commitment to conservation efforts.

Hikes also provide many physical benefits, such as burning calories and increasing muscle strength. They also stimulate parts of your brain that help with memory and navigation, such as the hippocampus and retrosplenial cortex.

While it’s important to consider safety concerns when hiking, if you choose well-marked trails not located within a densely populated area, this activity is an excellent way to get some exercise and reconnect with nature. Plus, hiking with a friend or joining a hikers’ group can enhance the social aspect of this activity.


One of the best ways to connect with nature is by fishing. This calming pastime allows you to immerse yourself in the natural world by exploring tropical and temperate waters. You may also discover how the ecosystems in different bodies of water operate in unique ways.

The great thing about fishing is that it can be done all year round. However, it is especially rewarding when you go during the spring and fall. This is when the fish are most active and you can experience a deeper connection with nature.

If you’re not a big outdoorsy person, try taking it slow and getting comfortable with each activity. Overcoming mental blocks and healing unhealthy associations can take time, but focusing on the positive experiences will help you move closer to your goal of connecting with nature.


Deciding away from the daily grind to sleep at a campsite can offer your body a chance to reset your natural circadian rhythm and improve your sleep quality. Sleeping in nature can also reduce inflammation, strengthen your immune system, and help you feel better mentally and physically.

Camping can bring you closer to your family and friends as you talk, play games, and relax together without the distraction of personal electronic devices. It also promotes a sense of community as you work as a team to set up camp, cook meals and clean your campsite.

Camping has long been popular among the wealthy, but it is an excellent opportunity for everyone to reconnect with nature. Camping also helps foster young people’s early love of nature, which can lead to life-long environmental stewardship and outdoor adventures.


For most of human history, people sought natural environments for physical activity and health benefits. It’s a connection that has been rooted in our evolutionary past, and it’s one we should be rekindling.

Studies suggest that outdoors, or ‘green exercise,’ can help boost mental health and well-being. Green exercise is more enjoyable than indoor workouts and reduces feelings of exertion.

However, safety concerns and perceived dangers in outdoor settings prevent many people from accessing nature. The resulting decline in physical activity has contributed to increased levels of obesity and non-communicable diseases. Thankfully, there are ways to combat this. Cycling tours can provide a way to reconnect with the outdoors and get some great exercise. The rhythmic cadence of pedaling and the sound of the wind in your face is a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary.


The soothing rustle of leaves and the scent of fresh air create a relaxing backdrop for yogis to connect with their surroundings. Practicing outdoors increases the connection between mind and body as individuals engage their external sensory awareness (the feel of earth beneath their feet, the breeze on their skin, the sound of birds flying overhead) while simultaneously working through challenging poses.

The practice of yoga is often a spiritual one, connecting us with nature in ways that go beyond just physical activity. It is a time to appreciate and savour the beauty of the natural world, particularly in spring as plants bloom and wildlife emerge from hibernation.

Other activities to reconnect with nature include hiking, camping, going to the beach, and engaging in regular outdoor exercises like jogging or cycling.