Reasons Why MTB Training Is Getting More Popular

Reasons Why MTB Training Is Getting More Popular

The popularity of the enduro MTB training program is on the rise as people realize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including a reduced risk of disease, better physical condition, and more. It is also an excellent activity for families, providing many benefits.


Strength training

Strength training is an essential component of endurance biking. It can help you recover from falls and injuries. In addition, it can also make you healthier and leaner. You’ll be able to train harder and longer without becoming sore.

The bike industry has talked about the importance of new parts and engines, but they still need to tell you that strength training is an equally important part of your endurance riding program. You’ll see results far beyond your racing by adding it to your routine.

Strength training is also essential because it helps you manage your weight. For many cyclists, weight is a major concern. Getting strong with a program from trainers like those at Train to Ride will help you cope with the pounding of your bike and prevent muscle loss. Also, it can improve your posture, which is vital to overall health.

Aside from the physical benefits, strength training has mental benefits, too. It can boost your confidence and increase your ability to handle stress.


Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart and increases “good” cholesterol. It also improves circulation and regulates blood sugar. The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity weekly.

Aside from the many benefits of cardiovascular work, it can also lower blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol levels. Additionally, it can reduce the incidence of asthma.

When it comes to cardio training, it’s essential to set and achieve small goals. Beginners should start with easy exercises and gradually make them harder. This approach will increase the chances of success.

One of the best tools for monitoring your training is a power meter. Most elite cyclists use one. But a power meter can be costly. If you don’t have one, you can use your bike’s power to keep your effort in a low-intensity zone.

Another way to determine your aerobic threshold is to calculate your maximum heart rate. To do this, subtract your age from 220.

A great activity for families

Mountain biking is a great family activity. Not only does it keep your kids active, but it also allows them to make new friends. This is especially true if you are lucky enough to live near a mountain biking trail. It’s the best way to spend an afternoon together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Fortunately, this activity is inexpensive and doesn’t require much planning. Several local and national groups cater to both beginners and pros alike. For instance, Brave Endeavors MTB Kid offers MTB courses in Portland, Oregon, and Hood River, Oregon.

Having a good time is the key to a successful bike ride, and that’s what you should focus on. Consider road biking if you want to get in or simply stay in shape. Road cycling uses similar muscle groups to those found on a mountain bike and is often an excellent cross-training choice in colder climates.

A ‘green exercise’

Exercise in nature, referred to as green exercise, is gaining popularity as a health solution. It provides several benefits, including improved blood pressure, lower stress levels, and enhanced immune function. Some researchers argue that the benefits are not related to physical activity but to the natural environment.

Research has shown that working out in a natural environment can improve mood and self-esteem. In addition, exercising in nature can increase vitamin D production.

Several studies have also found that participants who engage in green exercise have lower blood pressure and feel more energized. These effects are because people experience a double dose of endorphins when they work out in a natural setting.

Researchers at the University of Essex studied whether working out in a green setting can positively affect mood. They discovered that participants felt less fatigued and had less emotional disturbance when they worked out in a natural video.