3 Things for First-Time Vapers To Consider

3 Things for First-Time Vapers To Consider

If you want to get started vaping, you may need a little guidance or advice. Vaping can be a great way to quit smoking or a fun hobby even for non-smokers. Despite this, vaping can also be a complex subculture with lots of slang, options and even rules. It may be confusing to get into at first. Taking the time to research your needs and wants before you start to vape can save you time and money, leading to a more positive overall experience. If you want to vape, here are some things to think about before you get started.


1. How To Vape

The first step to vaping is usually figuring out your setup. There are a number of different options that you may like. Disposable vapes can be one of the least involved and most intuitive ways to vape for beginners. These rigs don’t require charging or refilling and come pre-loaded with e-liquid. Being disposable means there can be more waste than with other vape rigs. Pod vapes are similar but can be reused: in the case of a pod vape, the e-liquid cartridge is thrown out and replaced while the rest of the vape stays intact. More advanced vape users may want vape pens or box rigs, which come with more replaceable parts like batteries, coils and wicks, but which can also provide superior vaping experiences.

2. What To Vape

Once you have your vaporizer setup, you will probably want to figure out what you will be vaping. A lot of vapes take e-liquid, a nicotine and flavoring suspension. Most disposable vape pens will come with the e-liquid pre-loaded, but more complex rigs will allow you to change out and customize cartridges. Some people also use vaporizer rigs to consume marijuana in the form of dried herbs or THC concentrate oils.

3. How to Clean

Especially if you are using a non-disposable vape setup, you will want to know how to clean and maintain your rig. You can keep a vape working by charging the battery so it’s ready to be used when you need it. You can clean or replace the coil, which gets your e-liquid hot and vaporizes it, when it needs to be cleaned or replaced to create a better vaping experience. If you’re using a disposable rig or a pod vape, you may eventually need to replace your whole setup.

If you have ever stared at the rows of vape setups, paraphernalia and accessories in a store, you know how complicated and complex vaping can be. Doing a little research can keep you from spending money on unnecessary items and improve your vaping experience. Instead of diving right in, if you plan how you want to vape, you can save time and money. Knowing how you want to vape and what you want to vape before you shop can be useful. If you don’t get it right the first time, you can always get another setup until you find something that works for you.