4 Brick Chimney Maintenance Tips for Homes With Fireplaces

Having a fireplace in your home is just one feature that makes the experience cozier. Take care of the attached brick chimney with these maintenance tips.

If one looks at a chimney up close, it’s easy to appreciate the great amount of work and engineering that went into its creation. Chimneys are pillars of strength that support entire homes and are sturdy against intense heat and pressure.

When a fireplace isn’t maintained, akin to an uncared for chimney, various complications will arise. With this in mind, keep the following brick chimney maintenance tips in your back pocket. These are simple tasks that translate into larger and more long-term ones for homeowners. 


What Is Brick Chimney Maintenance, and Why Is It Necessary?

Nothing beats enjoying your fireplace on a cold winter night. It looks stunning and will keep you warm. However, using your fireplace might not be safe if you don’t cling to a few chimney maintenance recommendations.

To keep your home safe when using your fireplace, keep your fireplace and chimney in good condition. Plus, you can save money on your energy bills. By following these four chimney maintenance tips, you can ensure your fireplace and chimney are properly maintained and operating.

Tip #1: Regularly Inspect the Fireplace and Chimney

Not all issues with your chimney can be seen by simply looking at it. Some are underlying and require a professional to identify them. It is critical to have your chimney inspected at least once a year to ensure its safety.

Your best defense against water entering your home is the metal flashing that spans the chimney and the roof. Flashing can tear away or fold back from falling branches, bothersome birds or squirrels, or even themselves. The seal can deteriorate as a result of weather cycles. Check the safety of your roof’s flashing by looking at it.

Tip #2: Schedule Annual Cleaning of the Fireplace and Chimney

Chimney cleaning rids your flue of potentially hazardous creosote and other flammable debris. The chimney should be cleaned from top to bottom, including the ashes from the arched fireplace doors. Call a nearby chimney cleaning service or purchase your own chimney-cleaning equipment and do it yourself.

Tip #3: Repair Damaged Parts of the Chimney or Fireplace

If the cracks in your chimney crown are really bad already, they need to be sealed soon or they will destroy the chimney. You’ll need to go up to your roof twice to do this. Make sure it’s safe to access the chimney crown from your roof before you start.

Call a professional if you have a very steep roof pitch, can’t reach the chimney crown, or aren’t comfortable working on your roof. Wear a safety harness if you decide you can handle the heights.

Tip #4. Have Your Flue Pipe Checked for Proper Ventilation

The flue pipe’s function is to evacuate your home from dangerous combustion byproducts. If the house doesn’t have enough airflow, carbon monoxide can build up and be dangerous.

So, before you turn on your furnace, you should have a service professional check your flue pipe. They may assist you and look over your flue pipe’s upkeep.

Keep Your Home Clean and Cozy

As a homeowner, it’s natural to be concerned about the cost to clean and maintain a chimney. However, it’s important to remember that ignoring these tasks can put your safety at risk. 

To avoid these serious problems, it’s crucial to follow all of the recommended maintenance and cleaning tips for your brick chimney. By taking these precautions, you can help to ensure that your chimney is safe and in good working condition.

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