What Companies are in the Consumer Services Field?

What Companies are in the Consumer Services Field?

This article will look at what companies are in the consumer services field. If you are unsure what the consumer services field is, don’t worry; we will also go over that.

The consumer services field is broad and diverse, with businesses engaged in retail trade, media, food, healthcare, and other services.

The consumer service field has the most well-known brands worldwide due to its customer base, and its logos are easily recognizable.

In today’s article, let’s look into companies in the consumer service field along with their sizes, industry, and backgrounds.


What Is The Consumer Services Field?

To help customers, the consumer services industry relies on IT, computers, and human resources (HR). In contrast to physical consumer goods like clothing, toys, vehicles, and appliances, these services involve procedures, outcomes, and experiences. Consumer services businesses put a strong emphasis on transactions, client care, and the way that customers obtain services. 

The consumer services field includes internet shopping, health and social services, and entertainment, driven by people and technology. For instance, the streaming service Netflix offers HR-produced original material with a monthly streaming membership. Numerous sectors provide positions in consumer services.

Which Sectors are Included in Consumer Services?

Offering consumer-based goods and services falls under a wide range of distinct industry groups. Consumer services businesses, retail and wholesale, are crucial components of the supply chains for various industries. 

When these distributors buy products offline or online from producers and resell them to customers, they are bridging the gap between producers and ultimate consumers. Additionally, physical stores are enhancing online shopping experiences.

Leisure and hospitality businesses, whose sectors include the accommodation, food, and tourism industries, are other consumer service businesses. Networks like Uber and Airbnb have expanded customer service options in this area by utilizing human resources and technology. Restaurant delivery, entertainment streaming services, and personal shoppers are a few examples of consumer services in this industry.

The following is a comprehensive list of sectors that make up the consumer services sector:

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Travel and tourism
  • Banking And Finance
  • Consumer goods
  • Resorts
  • Cable and Direct
  • Broadcast Satellite (DBS) Providers
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Retail Stores
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Technology Products/Services
  • Personal care
  • Health Care
  • Airlines
  • Restaurant
  • Education and training
  • Beauty Salons
  • Rental and leasing services

Companies in the Consumer Services Field

  • Amazon

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Scale: 1,608,000 workers

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the consumer service field and the world, with interests in e-commerce, entertainment, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI). The wide range of services the Amazon website provides is incredibly useful to customers. 

Thankfully, the website provides a free 30-day trial for Amazon Prime membership, where members can get next-day deliveries and free access to the company’s catalog of films and television series.

Amazon’s consumer services division also offers Fresh grocery delivery. And customers can take advantage of this service to have weekly deliveries of fresh groceries supplied to their doorsteps. Also, jobs in customer support are constantly available because Amazon’s business model serves millions of customers globally.

  • Costco Wholesale Corporation
Headquarters: Issaquah, Washington

Scale: 288,000 employees

Costco Wholesale Corporation, simply Costco, is a multinational retailer. Thay provide a vast selection of products and services, including pharmaceutical, optical, and photo printing.

Costco is the second-largest retailer in the world, only behind Walmart. The business operates outlets in eight different nations besides the United States.

Costco is renowned for its competitive pricing, and wholesale and retail trade strategy. Costco provides goods at a significant discount in return for membership fees.

  • Airbnb
Headquarters: San Francisco, California 

Scale: 6,132 employees

Airbnb is one of the most well-known services in the growing sharing economy. Customers can use this service to let visitors, travelers, and those looking for lodging book rooms in their houses.

Despite challenges such as legal disputes with hotel groups, Airbnb has achieved incredible success. Globally, Airbnb is used by millions of individuals.

There are many jobs in customer service, from host services to social media administration provided by Airbnb. 

apple goods
  • Apple Inc
Headquarters: Cupertino, California

Scale: 154,000 employees

Apple is the largest company in the world in terms of market capitalization. There’s no doubt Apple inc. is a consumer service innovator. 

Customers adore Apple’s mobile devices, including tablets, laptops, portable music players, and other devices for leisure and work. The company has a sizable fan base and strong brand loyalty, becoming one of the most valuable brands in the world.

  • Air Canada
Headquarters: Montreal, Canada

Scale: 10,000 employees

Trans-Canada Air Lines was established in 1937 as the only domestic airline in Canada. The company’s name was Trans-Canada Air Lines until 1965 when Prime Minister Jean Chretien proposed a law to rename it Air Canada.

Air Canada ranks as the most prominent airline in Canada in terms of fleet size and passenger volume. Its headquarters is based in Montreal, along with hubs in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. 

In addition to pilots and flight attendants, Air Canada also employs dock staff, customer service professionals, aircraft maintenance experts, and processing professionals.

  • HelloFresh
Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Scale: 5,000 employees

The goal of HelloFresh is to promote cooking at home as fun and easy by giving members access to fresh products and meal planning.

According to HelloFresh’s business strategy, consumers receive prepared components for meals that they must cook using recipe cards, which takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

HelloFresh serves consumers in the United States, Australia, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Italy, Japan, and Western Europe.

Above all, employees at HelloFresh work in a variety of fields around the world, including logistics management, engineering, communications, and production. Working at HelloFresh is ideal for people who love cooking and sharing.

  • Uber
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Scale: 29,300 employees (2021)

Uber was founded as Ubercab In 2009 by Garrett Camp and has become one of the leading faces in the gig economy. 

Due to Uber’s dominance in the gig economy, the term “uberisation” has been used to describe the marketization of service sectors using computing platforms. It serves approximately 72 nations and 10,000 cities all around the world.

  • Walmart
Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas, United States

Scale: 2,200,000 Employees.

Walmart is recognized as one of the world’s most well-known and prominent retailers

They provide a wide range of products, such as clothing, food, electronics, garden supplies, furnishings, and items for home remodeling. No doubt as to why they continue to be one of the top employers globally, with more than 11,000 outlets in 28 countries.

According to the Fortune Global 500 list from May 2022, Walmart is the largest corporation in the world by earnings, with over US$570 billion in yearly sales.

Walmart operates 10,585 stores and clubs under 46 names in 24 countries.

Types of positions in the Consumer Services Field

The consumer services sector offers many work opportunities.

Accountants manage the company’s finances, while customer service representatives respond to customer questions and grievances. Human resources professionals deal with personnel like employee data, marketing specialists create and execute marketing campaigns, and information technology experts create and maintain tech programs.

You must possess outstanding customer service skills for your employment in the customer service industry. Customers are a business’s lifeblood, and if dissatisfied, they won’t do business with it again.

Collaboration with others is essential. Employees in the majority of consumer service fields must collaborate to achieve goals.

How Can You Acquire A Tech Position In The Consumer Services Sector?

Developing your knowledge of programming languages, database technologies, and tools is the first step in obtaining a tech career in consumer services. These abilities and experiences are necessary for most computer positions. For instance, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer science enables one to learn how to program. Bachelor’s degree holders are well-prepared for professions in web development and cybersecurity.

It’s important to note that some computer jobs, like those requiring knowledge of HTML programming, Javascript, and SQL, don’t call for a bachelor’s degree. Coding boot camps can help aspiring web developers, and IT professionals learn new skills and keep up with the latest software and programming languages.


The customer service industry has several top-notch companies to choose from. The market for consumer products and services will prosper if consumers desire to buy from them. Due to this tendency, the company’s employees may be sure that they will receive a monthly paycheck.

In other words, work on your resume as soon as possible if you want to work in this field. To gain the position, you must possess the necessary training and abilities.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have learned what companies are in the consumer services field. If you work for a company in the consumer services field, please share your experience with us in the comments below.

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