Tips for Finding Valuable Health Information Online

Tips for Finding Valuable Health Information Online

Most people today are informed about their health due to the vast amount of health information available. Simply searching and typing your symptoms can help you determine what could be wrong, so you can make the best decisions. While the internet can be an amazing medical library, there’s plenty of misinformation and inaccurate content. So, how do you find accurate, reliable information to stay on top of your health? Here are tips to guide you.


Check for Biases

The influence of big doctors and pharma is a reality. If a certain company pays a certain doctor to promote a certain drug or product, you can’t trust them to give you reliable and honest information about that medical condition or product. Go for journals and medical sites that conduct independent searches, like the Bentham Open, as they’re not influenced to bring a certain outcome.

Be Smart at Searching

When researching a concerning topic about your health, avoid going to the Google search tab. Remember, when you Google a specific keyword, Google only puts you at the mercy of what is popular. That is to say, the top three websites you find are not a reflection of what is medically accurate. Instead, go with certified and qualified publishers such as Bentham Science Publishers

You can also go to academic sites like PubMed and pull articles from there. If you have to use Google search to find health information, be sure to mention the name of a reliable publisher. For instance, instead of searching for “stomach cancer symptoms,” search for “stomach cancer symptoms Bentham Science.”

Consider the Sources

The best way to get accurate, reliable, and valuable health information online is by using credible sources. These sites have invested heavily in research, meaning no organization, government or other interested parties can influence their opinion. We encourage reading reviews before trusting a site or a health product; some aren’t always correct and can be influenced. Medical professional publishers vet their content, and most of the published work is created by accredited experts.

Check the Publishing Date

Health information gets easily outdated due to the high number of advanced research and studies. For this reason, you may want to use only recent information that is less than five years old. You should also treat outdated information as misleading or inaccurate.

Check With Your Doctor

If you are facing a loved one’s medical problem or your own symptoms. Don’t stop at your findings. Be sure to book an appointment with your doctor to discuss more your symptoms.