How Streaming TV Shows Help With Stress

How Streaming TV Shows Help With Stress

While current affairs and reality TV may not be the top stress relievers, one study found that watching documentaries helps people release their stress. According to Ipsos TV Dallies, one in six people watch documentaries to escape their daily stress. Furthermore, 20% of respondents said they primarily watch documentaries for emotional benefits.



There are a few ways to reduce the stress you experience watching TV shows like multi-episode ones. One method is to stream in moderation. This allows you to avoid the temptation of binge-watching, especially if you are looking for a way to relax before a stressful event. Most TV shows have a certain amount of violence or adult themes.

If you are a moderator, ensure you aren’t enabling violence. While it is tempting to let your viewers vent, you should be aware that some people may be experiencing serious mental health issues. If a viewer is making threats, it may indicate they are depressed or angry. One moderator even said that he had a viewer who had a gun and threatened suicide. It’s important to note that the moderators aren’t always prepared to handle these situations. However, they often have suicide hotline numbers and quickly change the subject.

One way to moderate the content that is watched online is to follow community guidelines. Many online communities rely on volunteer moderators to moderate the content. This is a good way to keep the community civil. In addition, it is good practice to engage the streamer in creating a community-specific protocol. This way, they can scale moderation duties.

Reduce Anxiety

Watching TV shows can have a positive effect on reducing anxiety. Streaming TV shows can be very soothing and help you unwind. But watching too much TV can make you feel depressed and anxious. As anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems, it’s essential to understand how television shows can reduce anxiety. The usual method of repressing your anxious thoughts won’t work and will only intensify your anxious thoughts.

The effects of TV series viewing appear to be equally influenced by anxiety and coping motivations. A good TV series can help you escape the stress of everyday life and help you feel less anxious. There is a huge variety of shows to choose from on Netflix. Critically acclaimed series, popular dramas, and even documentaries can help you unwind.

In a survey, researchers at Philo surveyed more than 2000 American adults and found that watching TV is a popular method of self-soothing. More than half (55%) of respondents said watching TV was their favorite way to unwind. Other common methods of relaxing include taking a bath or practicing yoga.

Another benefit of binge-watching is the social connection you get through the shared fandom of the show. But the downside is that binge-watching can be isolating and lead to unhealthy emotional attachments.

Reduce Stress

Watching a few episodes of your favorite show can help reduce stress. Like reading a book, playing guitar, or even watching a movie, TV shows can provide an outlet for your emotions. They can also help you relax and find meaning in the world around you. 

Many people today are trying to find ways to cope with an increasingly stressful world. For many, watching their favorite TV show is the perfect way to escape from the daily grind and get some relief from stressful situations. There are numerous benefits to binge-watching TV series, but they also carry risks. While binge-watching a TV show can create a sense of community through fandom, it can also cause people to become reliant on television and neglect other responsibilities.

In addition to helping you relax and stay active, TV can help you feel better by boosting your mental health. Watching your favorite show has familiar characters and predictable plots, which makes your brain feel secure and allows it to recharge.

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