Best Hardwood Floor Colors

Whether you're giving a new home a major facelift or looking to spruce up your floors, explore the best hardwood floor colors.

Are you looking to install new flooring?

Hardwood floors are a perfect choice — they look beautiful and last a long time. Plus, they have improved greatly in recent years, with new finishes and designs better suited to homes with young children and pets.

There still remains one major decision, though: what hardwood floor colors should you choose?

Choosing colors can feel daunting unless you have a good strategy. Fortunately, we are here to help you make that decision. 

Keep reading to learn what the best hardwood floor colors are for any room in your home.


Popular Hardwood Floor Colors for Modern Homes

Switching to hardwood floors is a great idea to give your home a new and sophisticated look. Despite its sophisticated appearance, it is considered to be cheap wood flooring.  

The most popular color for hardwood floors in modern homes is black. It is a very dark and dramatic color that can make the space feel more intimate and cozy. 

There are many reasons why people choose black hardwood floors. It’s a classic choice that always stays in style, is easy to maintain and clean, and can go with any decorating style or color palette.

Cozy Neutral Tones for a Homey Feel

Neutral colors are not just for walls and furniture; they can also be used on hardwood floors. By choosing neutral colors such as beige, taupe, grey, or natural wood, you can create a timeless look that is easy to update with accessories.

Not only will this create a more inviting atmosphere, but it will also make a room seem larger and more spacious. Because these colors create a neutral palette, it allows furniture or artwork to take center stage. Neutral colors are easy to live with and blend with, regardless of which direction your taste in décor changes over time. 

Contrasting Light and Dark Shades

One of the most popular trends when considering hardwood floor colors is using lighter and darker shades to create a dramatic contrast. Light shades like whitewashed, light oak, and beige can open a space up, creating vibrancy and warmth.

On the other hand, darker shades, such as walnut, hardwood, and mahogany, can create a more elegant feel. Either option provides a timeless look that can be combined with any existing décor.

Creating a Rustic Atmosphere With Deep Tones

The use of deep tones for hardwood floor colors can create an atmosphere reminiscent of a rustic cabin. This color scheme creates a more homey, natural feel to their living space.

Deep tones can be achieved by using a lot of browns and blacks in the color palette, as well as some reds and yellows. Using these colors will give your room the warm feeling you want.

Find Your Perfect Hardwood Floor

Choosing the perfect color for the space is essential for anyone considering adding hardwood floors. With so many shades, stains, and wood types to choose from, it’s necessary to research every option.

Consider consulting a professional to find the best hardwood floor colors for your home. Explore the many combinations available. 

No matter what color scheme fits your home best, ensure you find the perfect option that adds depth and dimension to your space. Take the leap and get started finding your perfect hardwood floor today!

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