Treat Your Car Right at Home

Treat Your Car Right at Home

People love their cars. They put a lot of energy, work, love and care into vehicles, showing them off and detailing them regularly. So, why then is the car put in a cold, empty garage with a bare concrete floor, no insulation and the risk of things falling on it? This odd contrast is done day after day, week after week in Nashville homes and elsewhere. And in some cases, many just leave the vehicle out on the driveway altogether exposed outside. Doesn’t it make sense that with all the effort put into enjoying a car, it should have a nice garage to match?


Upgrading Your Garage

Improving a garage is very doable. With epoxy flooring in Nashville a bare storage place for a vehicle can be turned into a paradise for your favorite vehicle. That’s because once the flooring is improved, the walls and cabinets for storage are right around the corner. After all, why go through the trouble of upgrading the garage and not doing the job right?

Not convinced it’s a good idea? Take a look online. Just do an online search for “concrete epoxy flooring near me” in a major search engine. The image results will frequently speak for themselves. There are some really nice garages out there now, practically professional grade homes for really nice cars. These wonderful remodels not only show off finished interior designs that are recommended, they also show off how impressive epoxy flooring can be.

Go With a Professional, not a DIY

Of course, the difference in a really nice garage remodel comes with professional work. While it is technically possible to manage a do-it-yourself approach with epoxy flooring, it’s not recommended. There are simply too many ways a DIY project can go wrong, and that usually happens from the mid-stage to end-stage of the work when it comes time to realize a nice thick layer of protection. Instead, DIY attempts end up looking like messy, sticky orange peels that won’t cure properly. 

With a professional team, the preparation of the garage is as important as the actual epoxy application. This comes with a full grinding of the top cement layer, so the epoxy steps have a clean surface to work with. Then comes the epoxy treatment and the final top coat. All of this has to be at the right temperature level for optimum curing performance and finalizing the finish. 

If Doing a Remodel, Do it Right

While not every vehicle needs to be completely babied in its garage home, it’s a fun, nice thing to do if possible. And, if the garage is going to be remodeled, then epoxy flooring is one of the best ways to do it, hands down. Painting a garage floor with regular floor paint doesn’t hold up over time. Epoxy is a proven flooring. It holds up to weight, scuffing, liquids and low impacts. And the maintenance every few years is relatively easy to do as well. Once installed, most Nashville homeowners wonder why they didn’t try epoxy flooring sooner. It’s that good.