The Benefits of Facility Storage – Why You Need It

The Benefits of Facility Storage - Why You Need It

People increasingly use storage facilities as they accumulate more and more belongings, either for moving or due to lack of space at home. Many businesses also need extra storage space for documents, supplies and equipment. Some facilities are even climate controlled, which helps prevent dust accumulation that can deteriorate items. Choosing the right facility storage will help you save money in the long run.



Whether it’s because of an impending move, too much clutter, or just a lack of space in the home, more people than ever are seeking out facility storage. With e-commerce increasing and new items being invented and developed daily, this need will likely continue. A good facility will offer a wide range of unit sizes. This way, customers won’t be forced to either cram everything they own into a small space or pay for more than they need.

They’ll also offer great customer service. This is significant since many users of these facilities want to feel at ease knowing their belongings are secure. Additionally, they want a convenient location that’s easy to access by car or public transportation.


Using a facility to store equipment, tools and boxes of documents that are taking up valuable space on the company’s premises can keep staff safer. It prevents small children from accessing potentially hazardous materials and supports power tools out of the reach of curious hands at home.

clean and well maintained facility storage offers a secure environment where security cameras protect items, and staff members or third-party security services monitor the system to detect suspicious activity promptly. Some offer biometric scanning, which uses fingerprints or facial recognition, as a more sophisticated way to grant access to individual units.

The state-of-the-art facilities are also fire-resistant; most have walk-in flammable storage cabinets to keep dangerous materials safe in an emergency. Some facilities also offer truck rental services for added convenience.


Storage facilities offer a secure space for people to store their belongings. This can be useful for those who are relocating, renovating their home or have too much stuff and no more room.

They typically have 24-hour monitored security systems to protect against theft, boxes and packaging materials for convenience when packing items, and truck rental services to assist with transporting stored goods. Some facilities also have rules against storing certain types of things like flammable or explosive materials.

Storage facilities are also useful for businesses that need extra space to store inventory or archived documents. This frees up valuable office space for other business purposes and keeps sensitive files away from prying eyes. Many modern storage facilities have advanced security systems such as CCTV, key card access and digital access control.

Climate Control

Storage facilities offer people a place to store their possessions that they either don’t want to get rid of or can’t fit in their homes or offices. Many storage units are climate controlled to help protect items from extreme temperature fluctuations and the resulting damage.

Whether it’s wooden furniture that can warp fragile antiques, electronic equipment, or important papers, climate control offers protection. With temperatures ranging from below freezing to well above 100 degrees in some parts of the country, it’s important to find a facility that provides this option for protection and preservation.


Storage facilities are valuable to the community because they allow people to store their belongings while freeing up space in their homes and offices. It also will enable businesses to store extra equipment or files they don’t need in the office. Storage facilities also open up multiple revenue streams, such as selling moving supplies and offering moving truck rentals. While these projects may not directly increase the asset’s value from a commercial valuation perspective, they can improve NOI and upgrade the facility’s class. Choosing the right third-party management firm is critical to success in the self-storage industry. The best firms have experience managing large REITs and a proven success track record. They also provide customer service that sets them apart from the competition.