Knowing When to Engage Commercial Garage Door Repair Services

Knowing When to Engage Commercial Garage Door Repair Services

Having a broken commercial garage door can be a costly issue. Not only can it limit your business’s productivity, but it could also be a safety hazard for employees.

A professional repair service is a great choice to address these issues quickly and efficiently. They will know what repairs are needed and how long they will take so that you can schedule them for the best time.


Check the Hardware

The hardware that keeps your garage door operating correctly includes hinges, springs, and rollers. Therefore, checking them regularly for rust, damage, and other issues is essential.

If you notice any rust on the door, contact a professional for commercial garage door repair Austin immediately. Rust can damage your garage door and shorten its lifespan.

The lift cables on your door should be made of a sturdy material that can endure the rigors of constant use. If they are not, you should replace them immediately.

Other parts of your opener may also need service if they don’t work correctly. For instance, a faulty circuit board or stripped gears might cause your operator to malfunction.

Check the Tracks

The tracks are one of the essential parts of a garage door. They guide the door’s rollers as it is lifted and lowered.

The door’s operation can be impeded when damaged or worn out. In addition, it may cause the rollers to rub against each other, leading to friction and other problems.

A decent rule of thumb is to inspect your tracks once a year. Then, if you notice any signs of damage, schedule an appointment with a garage door expert, like commercial garage door contractor Austin to assess the situation and make repairs as necessary.

It’s also a good idea to regularly test the safety features of your commercial garage doors. For example, most door models feature a “reverse on contact” sensor that you can use to determine whether a problem exists with the system.

Check the Weather Seal

The weather seals on your garage door prevent rain, snow, wind, and bugs. They also prevent dirt, dust, and tree leaves from entering your home.

If your weather seals are worn, consider replacing them before the colder months arrive. It will not only make your garage more comfortable but will also help lower your energy bills.

To install a new weather seal, take your garage door measurements. Once you’ve determined the proper length, cut the weather stripping material to fit your door. Then, screw the piece, lining it up with the stop board.

Check the Rollers

Rollers are a crucial part of any garage door system. They help to glide the door up and down the track, so they must be inspected and replaced regularly.

They can also make squeaky noises, a sign that it’s time to upgrade to newer, higher-quality ones.

If you have metal rollers, consider switching to nylon versions less likely to make these annoying noises.

The best way to ensure your rollers work their best is by lubricating them. It will reduce squeaking and other common roller problems and extend their lifespan.

Check the Spring

Spring is natural, where water moving underground finds an opening and converges. The water can come out as a trickle, a continuous flow, or as hot springs that people have found to be a great way to soak away their problems.

Torsion and extension springs are essential for proper functioning of a garage door. Unfortunately, they experience tremendous pressure each time they open and close.

Rust and corrosion can quickly reduce the lifespan of a spring. Regular lubrication helps increase the life of a torsion spring.

If your springs are popping, creaking, or squealing, you should have them replaced. The sooner you do this, the better.