How to Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill without Switching Providers

How to Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill without Switching Providers

Have you ever experienced a phone bill that went so high that it was almost unbearable? If the answer is yes, rest assured because you’ve come to the right place!

Many often ask about the possibility of saving more on phone bills. Since most people now rarely use their home phones, is it possible to lower the cost or just get rid of it? Sure, anything is possible; if you want a lower phone bill, follow these tips below:


Tips to Make Your Phone Bill Lower

1. Consider The Autopay Feature

Have you ever heard about the autopay feature? Yes, it doesn’t sound very comforting when you first hear it. The feature allows automatic payments directly taken from a debit or credit card. However, if you use it, carriers usually give you a discount of about 10% to 20% off your bill. 

2. Use A Prepaid Service Instead

Prepaid service is always a possible solution to a high phone bill. But if you think about it, it’s possible to slash some of the monthly cell phone bills using a prepaid service.

For example, the 5GB plan from Cricket Wireless usually costs around $40 monthly, and you can even have a cheaper amount by activating the autopay feature. Compare this to the expensive postpay plan, like the one from AT&T. Monthly; you’ll only get a 3GB plan that costs $60. Quite expensive, isn’t it?

The same thing also goes for Verizon. The prepaid package with 6GB of data will only cost $40 monthly. The postpaid that only has 2GB costs around $55 per month.

3. Remove Cell Phone Insurance

Most carriers usually offer protection plans. These plans typically consist of 24 hours tech support, insurance, and additional warranties. Usually, the standard insurance already provides anything that you need. It protects you against the risk of lost, damaged, or broken phones. It’s complete, yet it’s the most affordable option you can get.

That’s why we recommend switching from premium to essential insurance protection that will save at least a few dollars a month. If you decide to remove all kinds of insurance, you can save up to a hundred dollars yearly, which is nice.

However, having no insurance at all could be risky if you have a new phone. The option makes more sense for older phones. 

4. Only Upgrade Your Phone When It’s Needed

Modern smartphones are designed to last at least two to three years. However, some people still want to upgrade their phones annually. By doing this, you’ll face new fees each time you have a new phone. It’ll increase your bill to $20 to $40 monthly just to have a few essential services.

To prevent this, only upgrade your phone when it’s needed, for example, when your phone is truly broken beyond comprehension. Thus, you can save more money on the bills, and instead, you can save the money to buy another brand new phone with the latest technology in the future.


With all the available features in phones and services, it is very easy to get carried away. Remember, next time, you get a free trial on a service you have never used. It is a lot harder to give up a feature once you have gotten used to it than never to have used it at all.

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