How to Apply For a Kenya Visa Online

How to Apply For a Kenya Visa Online

There are several methods to get a Kenya Visa. These include a Multiple Entry Visa, which is required if you plan to visit Kenya more than once a year, or a Courtesy Visa, which is required for holders of Diplomatic or Service Passports and transit travelers.


Multiple Entry Visa Is For Those Who Frequently Visit Kenya

If you frequently visit Kenya, you may be eligible to apply for a multiple-entry Kenya online Visa. This visa will allow you to visit the country multiple times for five years. When applying for a multiple-entry Kenya visa, you must have a valid passport with at least six months remaining. Your passport must also have a page reserved for the endorsement of the visa.

A multiple-entry Kenya visa is ideal for travelers visiting Kenya multiple times a year. While it may require more paperwork, multiple entry visas have fewer requirements than a single entry visa. They are also valid for three to twelve months from the date of issue, depending on the length of stay. Although multiple entry Kenya visas have higher processing time, you will not have to wait long to travel to the country.

For a single-entry Kenya visa, you must be a citizen of a diplomatic or official country. You may be required to apply for a visa to enter Kenya if you’re visiting the country on official business. This type of visa is also necessary for government officials and dignitaries traveling to the nation on official business. However, you should be aware that a multiple-entry Kenya visa is more expensive and complicated than a single-entry visa, so it’s best to apply for a single-entry visa for multiple trips to Kenya.

Courtesy Visa Is for Holders of Diplomatic and Service Passports

A Kenya Courtesy Visa is granted to individuals holding distinct positions in government and diplomatic organizations who require transit visas in Kenya and cannot secure a regular visa to enter the country. A courtesy visa may be applied for in Kenya embassies or consulates. Applicants must have a valid travel document and an official letter from the country of origin. Ordinary citizens cannot obtain this type of visa. In addition, applicants must possess an onward ticket.

Diplomatic and service passport holders visiting Kenya should apply for the Kenya Courtesy Visa in advance. These visas are valid for up to a year. However, if you change passports during the year, you will have to obtain a new Kenya visa.

If you plan to visit Kenya several times or want to extend your stay, you should apply for a multiple-entry visa. This visa is suitable for multiple trips and includes excursions to neighboring countries.

Courtesy Visa is for Those Who Transit Through Kenya

The Courtesy Visa is issued to individuals transiting through Kenya for up to 72 hours. The courtesy visa is free of charge and applies to travelers with official, diplomatic, or service passports. The courtesy visa is not valid for those with a business or payroll.

Kenyan citizens can apply for the e-Visa for Kenya, valid for up to 90 days. However, applying for a visa during the Kenyan National Holidays is impossible. Those who want to extend their stay in Kenya after the e-Visa expires should apply for the appropriate permit before the expiry of the e-Visa.

Moreover, Kenyan e-Visas are valid for 90 days from the date of issue and can be extended for up to 90 days while in the country. The e-Visa process is straightforward and inexpensive.

Courtesy Visa is issued to those who have official business in Kenya or are on official duty in a country close to Kenya. In addition, the courtesy visa can be used by those with diplomatic or official passports but do not intend to stay in Kenya for more than 72 hours. The Kenyan immigration office understands the needs of such visitors and the official business of these countries. Therefore, the Kenyan Immigration Department is well-equipped to issue a courtesy visa to anyone who requires it.

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